Bill to shield public from pornography passes committee

Staff Writer

A bill that would shield digital pornography from the general public passed the House Judiciary – Criminal Justice & Corrections Committee today with a unanimous vote.

House Bill 1472 by state Rep. Travis Dunlap would require digital service providers to filter content to prevent the transmission of obscene material to consumers.

“This bill begins to address the public health and safety crisis caused by the ease of access to obscene material online, specifically pornography,” said Dunlap, R-Bartlesville. “A blatant double standard has developed in our marketplace: While state obscenity laws require blinder racks for obscene material in our brick and mortar establishments, there is no state law requiring digital blinder racks, or filters, to protect the public from obscene material in our online marketplace.

"Pornography is recognized as a public health crisis by legislative resolution in Utah, South Dakota, and Virginia. The National Platform for the GOP also declares pornography a public health crisis."

Dunlap thanked members of the House Judiciary – Criminal Justice & Corrections Committee for supporting the passage of the bill, which passed 11-0.

The bill can be read here: