Seaboard Makes a Donation to Oaks of Mamre

The Oaks of Mamre is in need of replacing the inadequate and out-dated heating and air conditioning system in the shelter to make it more comfortable for it’s residents. With the spring heat we are already experiencing, the current air conditioning system will not be able to adequately cool the building. The total cost for 16 air conditioner/heating window units (8 units on each side), electrical, and new windows will cost approximately $68,000. Seaboard Foods has made a donation of $10,000 towards this project. This contribution, along with other donors, will help the Oakes of Mamre get closer to covering the expense of this renovation.David Watkins-Seaboard Foods Recruiting Manager, Larry Carter-Seaboard Foods Operations Manager, Bob Post-Oaks of Mamre Director, Les Mathis-Oaks of Mamre Manager. Staff photo/Trudy Hart