Pierce, Osborn are this week’s spotlight seniors

Charrissa Pierce is a Senior at Guymon High School, and was born and raised here in Guymon. Charrissa takes her education seriously, and advises the underclassmen to get good grades now so you don't have to worry about it so much later. In school, Charrissa's favorite subject was Psychology, which she took her Junior year. Her most outstanding memory is making it to state in Volleyball last year. In her free time outside of school, she enjoys playing volleyball, being social and reading. After the long awaited day of graduation, Charrissa plans on attending college, but is still undecided on where. Kyle Osborn was born in Guymon, and lived here his whole life. His most memorable parts of school is being with his friends, having a good time, and being a Senior, which means “running the school”. His favorite class is Woodtech or Welding, “I enjoy that the most. Its what I'm good at, so it doesn't really feel like I'm in school.” Along with welding, Kyle enjoys working on his truck then going and playing in the mud. His advice to the underclassmen is to “stay on top of your grades and stuff like that. “Just don't forget to have fun”. After graduation he plans on going to college, get a high paying job, then 'make that money.’