Headrick, Ponce are this week’s GHS Spotlight Seniors

Mayra Ponce was born in Liberal, and has lived in Guymon for about 5 years. Her favorite memory of being in school is participating in the variety show(Talent Show). In school, Mayra enjoys her Bible as Literature class the most. “It’s cool that we are offered a class to study the parts of the Bible. And Mrs. Brooks is an amazing teacher.” Apart from her classes, she also loves the fact that she doesn’t have a 7th hour. In Mayra’s free time, she’s usually found watching movies, or sleeping. Her advice to the underclassmen is “Do NOT slack off! It will catch up with you. Do what you need to do now so you can breeze right through your Senior year.”After graduation, Mayra plans on going into the Army, or taking a year off and continue to work. Jonathan Headrick was born in Boise City, but has lived in Guymon for close to 10 and a half years. His favorite parts about school include all the different teachers and students. “Each one is a completely new personality and a potential friend. I always will love my memories of the good teachers, the not-so-good teachers, my friends, the bullies, and each person in between.”He also enjoys his Math class. Throughout school, Jonathan has had teachers who taught him to work problems out in several different ways, and told him to try his best and strive for success. His favorite part about being a Senior is the fact that he has almost made it to graduation. This is when he will head to college, and be able to form the way living according to how he wants to do it. Jonathans advice to the underclassmen is “Not to stress out about what you major in in college until you are very close to approaching graduation. If you go through high school learning what is thrown at you, you will eventually find the general direction you want to go in. And don’t be too stressed about going to college. If you be careful doing without it, and doing what you want, you’ll be happy.”After graduation, he plans on attending the University of Oklahoma. He wants to get a master’s degree in Business and Computer programming. After he graduates from OU, he wants to do Stock Market Analysis for an Investment Bank, and eventually become an Independent Stock Trader.