Guymon football needs to raise funds for season

GUYMON - At a parent meeting last night second year head football coach Bryan Ballard was talking about the football program’s needs. The budget for last year’s football team was $12,500, but this year with all the Tigers’ needs they will need more than that to cover all the expenses. Along with new jerseys, something the team hadn’t had in approximately five years, they will also need new equipment for everyday use and many other things. The hope of coach Ballard is to raise quite a bit of money with three separate fundraisers this off season. Thursday the team will go out in a full blitz, talking to neighbors, friends and a few businesses trying to get donations. They are not looking for major donations, but small contributions from anyone would help. And then later on in the year they will have a lift-a-thon. Each player will go out again to the people in the community and get pledges for each pound that they lift in the event. The big purchases hopefully will be the new jerseys, some new camera equipment for game film and improved pads and helmets for players safety. Coach Ballard realizes that not everything is a necessity and that buying everything the team needs will not be possible this year, but this is just the ultimate goal. For now the Tigers need Guymon’s support to help get the team back where it needs to be as a program.