Guymon Awarded $1 Million Economic Development Grant

The city of Guymon recently received a $1 million state grant for road improvements to support the expansion of SPF North America in the community according to Sen. Bryce Marlatt and Rep. Gus Blackwell. SPF is the worldwide leader in the manufacturing of pet food palatability enhancers.  The company is a division of the international group Diana Ingredients, a global supplier of natural ingredients for a number of niche markets in the food, pharmaceutical and pet-food industries. The company is expanding to Guymon and opening a SPF North America Pet Food Palatent Manufacturing facility in the Guymon Industrial Park to manufacture a high-end liquid pet food palatent additive that will utilize high-quality organs from pork, beef and poultry producers across the region.  The liquid additive will be sold to the end producer of various high-quality pet food lines. In order for the company to efficiently get the product to the end producer, a paved road with ingress and egress access must be constructed for continual truck traffic.  The grant will be used to pave over 25,000 square yards of road within the Industrial Park. "I’m so pleased that Guymon received this grant.  This is a wonderful community and the perfect place for this international company to locate,” said Marlatt, R-Woodward.  “It’s so important that the state do all it can to attract companies like SPF in order to create more jobs and boost economic development.  Grants like this one are vital in that effort.” The company is projecting to create 41 jobs with at least 34 positions being made available to low and moderate income persons within three years. “We’re so happy to have SPF locating in Guymon.  Not only will the company be creating much-needed jobs in the area, but it will also help infuse money into the local economy through taxes and every day spending,” said Blackwell, R-Laverne.  “This grant will make deliveries to and from the company much easier helping SPF be able to get their products out as quickly and efficiently as possible.”The company is providing approximately $10 million in machinery, equipment and building construction for the expansion. The Oklahoma Department of Commerce/ Office of Community Development manages the federally funded CDBG-EDIF program.  The program helps eligible cities, towns, and counties with the financing of infrastructure improvements for new companies or industries to Oklahoma or expanding Oklahoma businesses.  The purpose of the program is to stimulate long-term job creation and investment.