Dust Bowl Marathon: 5 Days, 5 Marathons, 5 States

Clint Burleson of Las Cruces, N.M. is the man behind the organization of the Dust Bowl Marathon Series and is very enthusiastic about it and hopes to come back again next year.Burleson himself has completed marathons in 49 of the 50 United States and hopes to make it over to Hawaii to top it off eventually. Making five states in five days for five marathons is no easy task and he is pleased by the way things turned out."Nobody has ever done anything like that before," said Burleson. "It sounded like a fun thing to try, and it seems to be successful."This marathon focuses on locations that were majorly effected by the Dust Bowl during the Dust Bowl Days, and that is how they decided on the cities in which to hold the marathon. One of the runners said she ended up doing a little research before the marathon and said she didn't realize how heavily affected this area was. They started on Monday in Dalhart, then came to Guymon on Tuesday, then on to Ulysses, Kan., Lamar, Colo. and Clayton, N.M. to finish out the rest of the week. There were approximately 90 runners in attendance in the Guymon run where the runners made 26 trips around the walking track at Sunset Lake. Burleson stated that there are representatives in this marathon from 38 different states and from Japan and England as well. There was one runner from Texas who just recently reached the 1,000 mark in number of marathons participated in, and a Wisconsin runner who had completed about 850 marathons. "We sure would like to be coming back next year," said Burleson, "and I'm pretty sure we will be. It seems to be pretty popular."For these Dust Bowl Marathon runners, there was unfortunately not any sign of the typical Panhandle wind, which would have ironically made this Dust Bowl Marathon much more realistic for the Dust Bowl time period, but the runners did have many smiling faces for the calm and cool Tuesday run around and around Sunset Lake. There is a website, mainlymarathons.com, to stop by to stay updated and to register for any upcoming marathons.