Academy students learn bicycle safety

This week, Academy Elementary 4th Grade students participated in the second annual “Bike Safety Week,” where they learned the basics of bike operation, hand signals, helmet safety and injury care.Teaching kids the importance of bicycle safety is a high priority to Physical Education Educator Nadine Graham, who created and implemented the program last year. “A lot of kids have bikes but not a lot of them have a program to go too,” Graham said. “I wanted to cover things they might encounter.”Graham went onto report, at the beginning of the week, she taught the students various safety mechanisms and hand signals, the Police Department gave kids “the rules of the road” and the Fire Department spoke to the kids on helmet usage and some of the things they have seen as emergency officials.On Thursday, the Police Department provided and fitted the students with safety helmets of their own and rode through a mock course in the gym with the aid of the Fire Department, reminding them to remember the safety rules and hand signals. And last but not least, Graham explained, the school nurse would instruct the kids first aid and nutrition and scrapes and bruises they may receive and how to take care of them. On Friday, the students will have the opportunity to test some of their new skills as they get outside and ride their bikes outside for real. “I trained for this in Edmond last year,” Graham said. “It’s not in curriculum, but an added thing necessary for these kids.”