‘The Code’ to be Guymon’s newest hangout

Gamers of all types and ages will soon have a place to call their own with the opening of the brand new, independently owned video game store, “The Code,” as in game code.Store Owners/Operators, Eloy Torres and Justin Horton plan for their creation to be much more than the average quick-in, quick-out, buy, sell and trade video store, but to provide the community with fun and safe alternative activities. “It’s a place for the kids to hangout, to grow Guymon and give them something they don’t already have,” Torres said. “I see kids driving around with no place to go and nothing to do and we want to change that.”Torres, who came from Amarillo with plenty of entertainment alternatives said, “Guymon is like an island (out here by it’s self), we have to bring things to do, to it.”In addition to buying and selling games and game consoles, the store will sell various types of gaming cards and a place to hangout, trade cards or play. “The Code” also features an area with a 100 inch projection screen for other types of game playing, such as XBox 360 Kinect.“We will eventually have tournaments for theses games,” Horton said. “It’s all about growing Guymon and giving them something they don’t have already.”Horton went onto explain, the store is different and most definitely not an arcade.Not only is “The Code” the only buy, sell and trade game store in the Panhandle, it will uniquely carry hard-to-find systems and games, such as the original Atari and Nintendo. “The usual game stores don’t carry the old stuff,” Torres said, “If I don’t have it, I can get it.”As an independently owned business, Torres reported although they are starting out small, he anticipates inventory will quickly multiply as customers and games come in. According to Torres, the store’s sleek, black theme is totally inspired by “Batman - The Dark Knight,” but will also feature an extraordinary assortment of game characters and neon lights. To add yet another twist to the unconventional establishment, the store will offer two tanning rooms, by appointment only, which may give mom’s a chance to tan, while letting the kids play games. “Both tanning beds are new and are top of the line,” Horton said. “The newest beds with the best bulbs you can get.”Torres reported, tanning prices are fair to be competitive, with a variety of packages for individual needs, from a single tan to monthly unlimited packages, as well as name brand tanning lotions available. Torres said, “$3 will get you a tan.”The owners also reported, the facility will be safe for kids of all ages and will not be ran and supervised by other teens, but by adult owners. In addition to complete adult supervision, cameras and video equipment will be monitoring all areas of the store, at all times, to ensure the safety of all customers. Torres said, “We want parents to feel like their kids are safe.”“The Code” is located at 616 N. Main ST, in the old Kitchen Mart building and plans to officially open for business on Thurs., March 15 at 9 a.m. and will be open seven days a week, from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. “The weekend may be different later on,” Torres said. “We need to see how it goes and when the need to be open is.”For more information, contact “The Code” at 580-338-GAME (338-4263).